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Ben Nock Ltd is one of the largest solar farm fencing and perimeter experts in the UK.

Solar Farm Fencing

With the rapid growth in eco friendly / low carbon foot print energy and ever increasing importance of renewable energy sources, it is no surprise that solar farm usage is growing at a rapid rate. These solar farms are often very large areas of open space, located miles away from any public areas.

The equipment used in a solar farm can be very expensive and thus makes it a prime target for theft or vandalism. We have been supplying and installing solar farm perimeter fencing and security gates across the UK and have completed 109 large scale ground mount installations totalling almost 250 kilometres of solar farm perimeter fencing installed in the last 5 years so you can trust us to secure your perimeter. As an environmentally conscious company we source sustainable materials wherever feasible. We have also worked directly with the appointed ecologists throughout the construction of several sites to fulfil the pre-contract conditions of the EPC regarding access and egress of local fauna.

Why should you secure your solar farm’s perimeter?


Solar cells are installed as arrays, if one is damaged or stolen it can affect the whole line, reducing output considerably


Solar equipment is expensive and costly to repair, limit unwanted damage by keeping trespassers out


Solar farms are a fast growing renewable resource, demand is higher than ever; can you afford to have any disruptions?


Large machinery around a solar farm site can be dangerous, ensure you’re not being negligent by installing proper security fencing


Wildlife love to wonder freely, but sometimes for their own safety it is best to keep them out of your property


Our custom security gates can create the perfect manual or automated system for your specific site needs

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